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Customer Service Survey - Please take a few moments to assist the DCSS Transportation Department in assessing the level of customer satisfaction regarding their services. Select the link below to access the survey. The survey is open to employees, students, parents, and the community in general.

Customer Service Survey - Transportation Department

Department Organizational Chart


TRS-M001 Transportation Manual


TRS-P001 Transportation Work Order Process
TRS-P002 Request for Transportation Procedure
TRS-P004 Drug & Alcohol Testing Process
TRS-P005 Emergency Student Transportation Request Procedure
TRS-P006 Students Transportation Request Procedure
TRS-P007 School Bus Student Management Procedure

Work Instructions:


TRS-F001 Drivers Maintenance/Defect Report
TRS-F002 Transportation Request Form
TRS-F003 Extra Trip Form
TRS-F004 Evacuation Form
TRS-F005 Bus Driver Evaluation Form
TRS-F006 School Bus Occupant Roster
TRS-F007 School Bus Data Form
TRS-F009 Bus Arrival Time
TRS-F010 Parental Consent for Student Transportation
TRS-F011 Field Trip School Bus Occupant Roster
TRS-F012 Drivers Daily Timesheet
TRS-F013 Drivers Field Trip Timesheet
TRS-F014 Mobility Student Transportation Request
TRS-F015 Bus Driver Logbook
TRS-F016 Bus Referral Report
TRS-F017 Daily Pre-Trip Inspection Form
TRS-F018 Mileage Report
TRS-F019 Bus Accident Passenger Injury List
TRS-F020 Complaint Form
TRS-F021 Driver Stop Change Request
TRS-F022 Head Count Sheet
TRS-F023 Railroad Crossing Survey
TRS-F024 Route Sheet
TRS-F025 MVR Consent Form
TRS-F026 Student Transportation Request
TRS-F027 Emergency Student Transportation Request
TRS-F028 Parts Request Form
TRS-F029 Random Checklist Form
TRS-F030 Transportation Employee Information Form
TRS-F031 School Bus Emergency Evacuation Form
TRS-F032 School Bus Seating Assignment Chart
TRS-F033 Courtesy Notice
TRS-F034 Vehicle Pre & Post Inspection Form
TRS-F035 New Hire Checklist

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