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DCSS Students Take Multiple Awards in Annual FLAG Contest
April 19, 2010 - FLAG Coordinator - P. Stadnik

The Foreign Language Association of Georgia (FLAG) is the official professional organization for foreign languages in Georgia. FLAG is a tax-exempt, non-profit association of instructors, administrators, and others involved in foreign language teaching and the promotion of cultural understanding. The primary goal of FLAG is to improve and foster the teaching of foreign languages and cultures, including literature, through service to teachers in the state.

The Foreign Language Association of Georgia Middle and High School Spoken Language Contest is an annual event in which students from across the state demonstrate their ability to use the target language in oral communication. The contest evaluates language students on their ability to communicate in the target language by conversation with an interviewer. This year’s contest was held on April 10 at Darton College and Dougherty County School System students took multiple awards. Those who placed are:

Dougherty Middle

  • Spanish I - Xavier Fant, Notable; Raii Patterson, Notable
  • Spanish II - Chauntoria McCray, Notable

Merry Acres Middle

  • Spanish I - Delaney Burnett, Notable; Emerald Robinson, Superior

Albany High School

  • French I - Lisa Thomas, Excellent
  • Spanish I - Audrionna Wise, Excellent; Taylor Washington, Excellent
  • Spanish II - Katherine Godwin, Excellent; Katherin Gilyard, Excellent; Tyler Ward, Superior
  • Spanish III -  Forest Schultz, Notable

Dougherty Comprehensive High School

  • Spanish II - Alesha Thomas, Excellent

Westover Comprehensive High School

  • Japanese 1 - Josh Dunson, Excellent; Brandon Eason, Superior
  • Japanese II - Sammy Duenke, Excellent
  • French I - Ellen Roberts, Superior; Kaitlyn Ogeltree, Superior
  • French II - Alma Avila, Excellent; William Childs, Notable
  • German I - Brandon Eason, Superior; Samantha Garrett, Superior; Zarif Hasan, Superior
  • German II - JaQuan Spears, Notable; Randall Bush, Excellent
  • Spanish I - Emily McDonald, Superior; Azeem Zaheb, Superior
  • Spanish III - Meera Konhawala, Notable
  • Spanish IV - Evan Nelson, Excellent
  • Spanish V - Janesha Cochran, Notable
  • Latin I - Amder Watty, Excellent
  • Latin II - Samantha Garrett, Notable; Kaitlyn Ogeltree, Excellent
  • Latin III - Zarif Hasan, Excellent

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